schedules - MAY 2019

Sunday School, Worship, Offering, Greeter and Usher schedules are posted below. 

If you are not able to attend on the day you are scheduled, please arrange for someone to cover for you by contacting them directly and by letting the main contact for that ministry area know.

sunday School

Main Contact: Pastor Mykayla Brubacher

May 2019

April 28th: Nursery: Nelly // Ages 2-6: Pastor Mykayla, Marguerite // Ages 7-12: Heloise, Mary-Ellen

5th: Nursery: Courtney // Ages 2-6: Pastor Mykayla, Candice // Ages 7-12: Heloise, Mckayla

12th: Nursery: Rachel // Ages 2-6: Pastor Mykayla, Mason // Ages 7-12: Jesse, Michael

19th: Nursery: Cherie // Ages 2-6: Rachael, helper // Ages 7-12: Kevin, helper

26th: Nursery: Crystal // Ages 2-6: Pastor Mykayla // Ages 7-12: Stevon, Mary-Ellen

worship team

Main Contact: Kevin Theriault

May 2019

April 28th - Lead/Acoustic Guitar: Kevin // Keys: Marco // Bass: Josh // Drums: Travis // Vocals: Sheri, Larry // Sound: Barry

5th: Lead/Acoustic Guitar: Kevin // Keys: Taylor // Bass: Bart // Electric Guitar: Stevon // Drums: Travis // Vocals: Shawn, Kandi // Sound: John

12th: Lead/Acoustic Guitar: Kevin // Keys: Taylor // Bass: Steve // Electric Guitar: Stevon // Drums: Aaron // Vocals: Sheri, Larry // Sound: Paul

19th: Lead/Acoustic Guitar: Kevin // Keys: Sheri B // Electric Guitar: Marco // Cajon: Aaron // Vocals: Larry // Sound: Barry

26th: Lead: Kevin, Courtney // Keys: Kevin // Bass: Bart // Acoustic Guitar: Courtney // Electric Guitar: Marco, Josh // Drums: Simon // Vocals: Kandi // Sound: John

greeters & Ushers

Main Contact: Church Office

1st Sunday: Donna

2nd Sunday: Sadie

3rd Sunday: Jeanette

4th Sunday: Jo-Anne

5th Sunday: Larry

Head Usher: Denny